Environmental Protection

Transport Canada’s Environmental Protection program is one of the three Environmental Management programs under the National Environmental Management System.

The Environmental Protection program focuses on making sure we comply with environmental laws such as the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.  It also makes sure the department is in line with federal horizontal initiatives such as Theme IV – Shrinking the Environmental Footprint – Beginning with Government of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

Much of the Environmental Protection program work involves partnerships. We cooperate with Transport Canada’s five regional offices and other groups within the department, other federal departments, provincial and municipal governments and international organizations. The work we do with these partners varies greatly, including collaborating with Transport Canada’s Environmental Policy group on items such as the Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy.

The Environmental Protection program manages three main areas of interest:

To learn more about Transport Canada’s Environmental Protection program and/or the National Environmental Management System, please email env@tc.gc.ca.

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