Transportation 2030 - A Strategic Plan for the Future of Transportation in Canada: Safer Transportation

From Transport Canada

What Canadians told us:

  • Greater collaboration between government officials and industry experts could help Canadian regulations keep pace with innovation.
  • Canada needs to be more proactive and a leader in harmonizing global standards, particularly around safety policies and risk management and assessment.
  • The federal government should:
    • consult more with industry before delegations participate in international organizations that govern transportation standards
    • work more with provinces and territories and their regulatory agencies around new technologies such as automated vehicles.

Our goal:

  • Build a safer, more secure transportation system that Canadians trust.

Where we go from here:

  • continue to build a safer, more secure system that Canadians trust
  • speed up our review of the Railway Safety Act originally scheduled for 2018, to build on our actions on railway safety standards over the past 10 months, and to respond to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities’ report called "An Update on Rail Safety”
  • amend the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to allow us to compel vehicle manufacturers to recall defective and unsafe vehicles and provide for substantial fines if companies fail to comply with the rules
  • make our regulatory framework more flexible to allow industry to introduce new automotive technologies, while maintaining safety
  • expand our use of technology to improve security at airports
  • make sure our actions support work on government priorities, such as ensuring Canadians are safe, strengthening international partnerships and a national innovation agenda

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