Transportation 2030 - A Strategic Plan for the Future of Transportation in Canada: Green and Innovative Transportation

From Transport Canada

What Canadians told us:

  • Design public policy tools for a longer timeframe. Government doesn’t have to invest all the capital for green transportation, but it should set up frameworks to let those with capital get a return on their investment.
  • Use incentives and regulations to encourage reductions in carbon pollution so users seek more efficient modes of transport such as rail and marine, and to encourage operators to provide more efficient transportation by adopting new technology, etc.
  • Look at opportunities to reduce pollution in all modes of transportation, including from alternative fuels and electrification, and focus efforts on corridors and intermodal connections.
  • Ensure government regulations enable, not suppress, innovation. In this way, regulations support economic development policy. Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) largely benefitted from regulating flexibility to pilot test specific technologies.

Our goal:

  • Reduce environmental impacts, including air pollution and embrace new technologies to improve Canadians’ lives.

Where we go from here:

  • work with provinces and territories through a pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change to ensure we are doing all we can to support the transformation to a low-carbon transportation system
  • promote ways the transportation system can adapt to the changing climate. This is very important in Canada’s North, where thawing permafrost affects the efficiency and safety of existing infrastructure and provides a challenge to maintenance operations
  • continue to seek the right balance in regulating UAV technology. UAVs are contributing to advances in scientific research, exploration and rescue operations. We believe a strong UAV industry will need predictable, enforceable regulations that promote safety and foster economic growth
  • support the safe and rapid deployment of connected and automated vehicles on our public roads to improve road safety; reduce congestion; increase mobility; protect the environment; and support economic opportunities for Canadian businesses
  • make sure our actions support work on government priorities, such as Canada’s Phase 2 infrastructure plan, a pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change, and a national innovation agenda

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