Registering and leasing aircraft

From Transport Canada

We publish a series of “How Do I…?” guides for the aircraft registration process. They will help you identify:

  • which category of aircraft you want to register
  • how to apply for a certificate of registration
  • when to amend your certificate of registration

Also consult this series to learn about aircraft importation and exportation, including how to:

  • register an aircraft that was imported into Canada
  • export a Canadian-registered aircraft outside the country

Ready to get started? All aircraft registration and leasing forms are available online. Forms are submitted to your most convenient Transport Canada Civil Aviation regional office.

“How Do I…?”:

Registering your advanced ultra-light aeroplane

To register an advanced ultra-light, first find your aeroplane on the Listing of models eligible to be registered as advanced ultra-light aeroplanes.

Detailed regulations apply to basic and advanced ultra-light aircraft ownership. Information on these requirements is available in our Ultra-light Aeroplane Transition Strategy. Chapters two and three discuss ultra-light aircraft registration.

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We also publish these guides to aircraft registration and leasing:

Did you know that you can search all registered aircraft in Canada? Visit the Civil Aircraft Register Database, where you can also download a copy of the full registry.

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