Policy Letter 148


Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 703/704 Generic Company Operations Manual and checklist &guide for the development of a Company Operation Manual.

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AARX A 5258-1 U



Policy Statement

Transport Canada inspectors are to encourage the use of the Generic Company Operations Manuals and to employ the associated checklists when reviewing/approving Company Operations Manuals.

Transport Canada inspectors are to encourage air operators to use the Generic Company Operations Manual and to submit the completed associated checklist for review and approval.


Checklist &Guide for the development of a Fixed Wing Company Operations Manual for CARs 703 - Air Taxi and CARs 704 - Commuter

Generic 703 Company Operations Manual

Generic 704 Company Operations Manual

The above three references may be found at the following website: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-manuals-menu-1879.htm


Following the CARs implementation in 1996, Transport Canada assisted operators in a comprehensive review of their manuals.

Many operators simply used the example provided Company Operations Manuals as their own manual. This resulted in many inconsistencies between their Company Operations Manual and the actual company operation.

It was brought to the attention of Headquarters that standards varied significantly from region to region with respect to Company Operations Manuals.

In order to facilitate the development of Company Operations Manuals and the review/approval process, updated Generic Company Operations Manuals and checklists have been developed.

The Generic Company Operations Manual is a tool to aid in the development of manual preparation and each manual developed will be tailored to the individual type of operation and operator.


The contents of Company Operations Manual are governed by Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) 723.105 and 724.121.

The checklists and guidance material are provided to assist air operators in developing a manual to the CASS as appropriate for their type of operation.

Furture Disposition

The Generic Company Operations Manuals and Checklists will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that they continue to evolve with the CARs.

Reference Number

This Policy Letter is designated AARX No 148.

Dave Biehn
Commercial &Business Aviation

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