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1200 RVR - Beech 200

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AARX 5258-20-2-0 (AARXB)



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This Policy Letter replaces Policy Letter 105 dated May 3, 1996.


Qualified domestic air operators who wish to conduct takeoffs in visibilities as low as 1200 RVR are issued one of two Operations Specifications (Ops. Specs.): 007, for operations involving aircraft with certified engine-out performance, and 008, for operations involving aircraft without certified performance. The essential difference between these two Ops. Specs. is the requirement for simulator training attached to 008. This training is seen by many operators as expensive and difficult to obtain.


Since the introduction of the current 1200 RVR policy, several operators have requested special consideration for the Beech 200 Super King Air series. This aircraft, while certified to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 23, exhibits much stronger performance than many of the other aircraft in this Category. Indeed, the manufacturer provides Supplemental Operating Data describing weight-limited performance that approximates FAR Part 25 requirements.

In March of 1996, a Beech 200 operator contacted Raytheon Beechcraft and Air Carrier Operational Standards (AARXB) in an effort to consider the Supplemental Operating data as acceptable for the purposes of Ops. Spec. 007. Beechcraft consulted with AARXB to determine our requirements and responded in early April 1996 confirming the basis for the performance data. Our review revealed the data to be acceptable, except for consideration of headwinds and tailwinds.


As a result of our analysis of the Raytheon data, effective immediately, 1200 RVR operations involving the Beechcraft 200 Series will be conducted in accordance with Ops. Spec. 007, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Tailwind takeoffs are prohibited.
  2. Headwind components shall not be considered for obstacle clearance purposes.

    Note: Surface winds may be used for both 1. and 2.

  3. Where the departure includes heading changes of more than 15 degrees below 1500 feet Above Ground Level (AGL), the operator shall reduce the reported zero wind climb performance as follows (compensation for a possible downwind turn following a crosswind takeoff):

Note: Performance reduction applies from the start of the turn.

  1. For turns from 16 to 45 degrees - subtract 0.5 percent;
  2. For turns from 46 to 90 degrees - subtract 1.0 percent;
  3. For turns from 91 to 135 degrees - subtract 1.5 percent; and
  4. For turns from 136 to 180 degrees - subtract 2.0 percent.

Future Disposition

The contents of this Policy Letter will form guidance material to subparts 743 and 744 of the CARs. For further information, please contact Commercial and Business Aviation, Operational Standards at (613) 990-1095.

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This Policy Letter is designated AARX No. 105R.

M.R. Preuss
Commercial & Business Aviation

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