Report a drone incident

From Transport Canada

Report an emergency

Contact your local police department immediately if someone is flying a drone in a way that poses a threat to safety, security, or privacy.

Report unsafe drone use

If you think someone is flying a drone in an irresponsible manner without a permit (e.g., flying close to other aircraft, near aerodromes, or at a high altitude) and it is not an emergency, complete and submit a Drone incident report form.

Transport Canada will review your report and take appropriate action when necessary. Please note that the department cannot respond directly to every report it receives.

Filling the form will only take you a few minutes. You may fill it out using your mobile device or on a computer or tablet.

Give as many details as possible, including:

  • the date and time (when it happened)
  • the location (where it happened)
  • a detailed description of what happened

If possible, gather evidence such as photos, screenshots, or videos.

We collect contact information so we can respond to your comments and questions. Any personal information you provide is protected under the Privacy Act. The Act provides you with the right to access your information. Entering information on this form is voluntary.

Aviation incidents that do not require immediate police intervention should be reported to Transport Canada’s Aviation Operations Centre (AVOPS).

For more information about the Drone Incident Report Form, please contact the Civil Aviation Communication Centre or your Civil Aviation Regional Office.

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